Wednesday, June 28

A Wing & A Prayer - Pass it on...

IDF soldiers in impromptu prayer session as their unit enters Gaza in operation "Summer Rain" (Photo: AP)

SerandEz just posted "A Wing & A Prayer"

I read it immediately after I posted the last report on the IAF flyover in Syria. It made my hair stand on end. Thank you for that.

"Please check out the prayer chain started by Olah Chadasha. I've seen it picked up by many, and it is worth seeing the different prayer each has posted, including her husband Olah Yahshan, myself, Irina, Sarah, IfYouWillIt, Shlemazl, LifeinIsrael, Sabra, Chana, and Jameel. Please, take a few moments to read them all."

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Ezzie said...

Thank you very much for the link. I'm glad people are appreciating it.

May we see the return of all the kidnapped very soon.


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