Tuesday, June 6

The Towering Infernal

Night view of the Azrieli Towers looming over the Tel Aviv cityscape. This and the others were shot on one of the (so far...) hottests days of the year, with the Israel Electric Company initiating brown and blackouts nationwide - without warning. So, imagine these structures and hundreds of others across the country suddenly without power (or on emergency generators), riders trapped in elevators, traffic accidents from gridlock, injuries - and a reported death from secondary causes. There's a public furor over the "michdal" (screw up), and a hastily established commission of inquiry is investigating who to blame. Good luck with that, guys: this is the politically powerful Electric Company, after all, and they don't cotton to taking blame - or lowering rates.

This image and the others in the series, were Photoshopped "n" cropped, and generally punched up with a bit of saturation and sharpening to boost the color and detail. Whaydda' think? Leave a note in "comments."Posted by Picasa

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