Sunday, June 25

This just in: Bush embarrassed to discover Gaza Strip has nothing to do with sex

Washington DC - President Bush today decried the Gaza Strip as both an “immorally seductive dance” and a place of “gross and unadultemerated iniquity” in an apparent confusion over the hotly contested area of land. The misunderstanding arose during current negotiations involving Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

The President, upon hearing debate over who should claim responsibility for the Gaza Strip, began a tirade against the land, apparently believing that it was some sort of sexual strip tease, or a reputed place of prostitution. “The United States, with its great heritage of morality, will have no part in negotiating who should lay historical claim to perverse dances, or areas of land dedicated strictly to the promotion of illicit sexual acts” stated the President.

While the statement added to an already tarnished image of the President as being a less than cosmopolitan leader, it did establish common ground in the negotiations. Leaders from both the Palestinian and Israeli sides, as well as representatives from Egypt and the militant organization Hamas all agreed that the President is indeed not the “fastest camel in the herd.” After having a good laugh, all parties involved in the negotiations approached the talks with a much more amicable attitude.

Reached for comment, the President’s staff insisted that while he had been to one or two “gentlemen’s clubs” Bush had never actually “touched.”

Remember, I said I liked good parody...

And how was your Shabbat?

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