Friday, June 9

Senior Knesset MK's debate kult'chah: 'Fcuk off'

Ahh, and they say we got the government we deserve.

That quote in the title is straight from the southbound end of the horse's mouth: senior Labor MK Matan Vilna'i, who uttered the expletive in English at a roiling party confab “debate” reminiscent of chair-hurling Likudniks of yore, who said:

“Zeh diun!? Fcuk off, zeh diun! - This is a discussion?! Fcuk off, this is a discussion!” (As seen on Channel Two News Thursday evening and heard Friday morning on Army Radio)

Anyone local got link on this? Send 'em and I'll update.

And now – off to the shuk for Shabbat. I'll try to get some good pics, and post them. Check back later.

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