Tuesday, June 20

Sderot mayor, residents 'livid' over 'Peres-ona non grata' remarks

Sleepless Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal at press conference last week, with Government Press Office Dir.-Gen. Danny Seaman (Dave Bender)

Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal, who shut down the town this morning in protest over the near-nonstop barrage of Kassam rockets, says he's "livid" over Vice Premier Shimon Peres' remarks to reporters yesterday at the Knesset parliament: "Qassam Shmassam," understood as pretty much telling the battered residents to shut up and suck it in.

Peres, oleogeniously backpedalling in a chat with Israel Army Radio's feisty Razi Barkai, said he'd been misunderstood, and was quoted out of context.

Moyal told an Army
interviewer just before the Tuesday, nine AM broadcast: "I, and Sderot's residents are livid over Pere's statements, and I am considering declaring him 'persona non grata.'"

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