Monday, June 19

Sderot: The 'lucky' corner (Image)

(Dave Bender)

The billboard over the Lotto betting kiosk / "Eli's steakhouse" says, "whose turn is next? and beneath it, "Eli's steakhouse - The Lucky Corner." Some luck, especially for Mayor Eli Moyal, at the municipality, located just to the right of the sign.

I shot this photograph in Sderot last week, during a lull in the Kassam rocket barrage, just after interviewing Moyal, who was by that point, utterly frustrated, and by today, well beyond frustration.

Moyal, has - quite justifiably, I think - called for a total shutdown of the town's services, as well as a host of other sanctions including blockading all roads leading into the town in protest over the lack of government response to the lethal steel rain. Including that of veteran resident, Defense Minister Amir Peretz.

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