Thursday, June 29

PM Olmert: no plans to reoccupy Gaza

IDF soldiers in "Operation Summer Rain" in Gaza Strip. (Photo: Baubau Photowire)

From Haaretz:

"As the Israel Defense Forces continued its land-based operation in the southern Gaza Strip, the Israel Air Force also struck targets in the south in continued efforts to pressure Palestinian militants into releasing a soldier seized Sunday in an attack on a military position near the Gaza border.

"The IAF before dawn Thursday struck a weapons warehouse managed by Hamas and the Popular Resistance Committees in Khan Yunis. Witnesses also said three missiles fell in an open field used for training by Hamas militants.

"Israel aircraft also bombarded seven roads the IDF said were used by Qassam launch crews."

Palestinians in northern Gaza claimed earlier to have fired a chemical-tipped Kassam into Israel, although the IDF says they have no information of such an attack.

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