Friday, June 16

Observant Israeli supermodel talks with 'Israel At Level Ground' (Podcast)

Havi Mond, a fast-rising Israeli star in London's fashion modeling firmament, says that while getting kosher vittles catered to her modeling shoots and sometimes-missed lucrative weekend gigs may be a limitation, her agency and a bevy of major clients and magazines, including Vogue and Marie Claire don't seem to mind at all.

It all adds to the
intrigue," says one industry insider.

Mond, who's been on fashion and airport runways nearly nonstop since she was discovered by a talent scout as she was out strolling in London in 2001 at age 16, is also a three-season veteran for Israel's Fox line-up.

Israel At Level Ground
spoke with Havi – a Latinized version of “Chava” - at her north London flat in Mill Hill a few evenings ago, for a feature article and photo spread set to appear in the July/August edition of Atlanta Jewish Life Magazine, and on their website. (First of a series)

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