Wednesday, June 7

NEW! IMPROVED! Video news and features, slideshows added to site

Finally! I managed to import a few recent, and not so recent videos in Vimeo and YouTube formats about "Life & Times" here in Israel, both nationally and on a more personal level.

The Vimeo clips: This is essentially, roughly a reporter's "showreel," and is a collage taken from news and features coverage I prepared last year for a news organization I was working with. Not there anymore, though, and, seeking other employment. As a veteran, experienced and accredited freelance journalist, all reasonable offers for local Video/Radio/Internet/Print coverage of events here will be seriously considered. Drop me an email, or leave a comment. More multimedia examples, written content and airchecks are here.

The YouTube clips: The first is a (lo-rez) .wmv slide show from my photographic portfolio, also available as better quality stills here. Drop me an email or comment for the login information, or hi-rez proofs. Next down the page, and, going a few years further back, I shot the kids video at the rehearsal of an Israeli bank's annual employee extravaganza (that one of my daughters appeared in); now you know what Bank Hapoalim is doing with your banking fees...

More video posts are on the way, and podcasts...

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