Monday, June 12

Longer! Lower! Wider! The New BetbenderMobiles Have Arrived!

A hearty shoutout to all and sundry new visitors to "At Level Ground" in recent days (perhaps, more properly spelled "daze," since I've been upgrading and futzing with the template on this blog far more than is healthy - my eyes are fast becoming 15" svga widescreen rectangles...).

Thanks also to all who have written in comments and suggestions for improvement (keep that card and letter coming...) They are, even if not posted, appreciated.

Now, who can tell me how to recover the archives to earlier posts, that no longer appear down there at the bottom rt of the page, beneath the links? Like, arrgh, ya'know?

Also, how can I update and add more pictures to the Flickr collage of my pics embedded over there, to the right?

And, since I'm being the techno-tard today, here's an interesting item from "Life in Israel" about posting straight
from Word 2007 to Blogger.

Oh, also: "Neither Here nor There" has a post about higher-rez pics of Israel on Google Earth. No more posting in pj's, unless you enjoy that sort of thing.

New pics and updated podcasts are coming. Check back soon...

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