Wednesday, June 14

'Kossacks against Israel'

The (what seems pretty clear to me, at least) hard-left blog, Daily Kos (the "Alien" to hard right-wing Little Green Footballs' "Predator" More on the Alien vs Predator sci-fi film face off here) has a very interesting entry by an American-Israeli/Israeli-American member on the sheer maliciousness, and redline-the-meter hatred of Israel of many commentors shot throughout the Daily Kos site:

"Tue Jun 13, 2006 at 03:26:26 PM PDT

Why do so many on the DailyKos continuously attack Israel? Why is there no balance in the presentation of issues? What the hell has happened here?

"I support progressive politics. I support gay rights, oppose globalization, hope that unions will be reinvigorated. I've voted democrat every election that I could, write my congressmen, and live in one of the most liberal towns in the US. I'm an Israeli citizen, I served in the IDF, and I am proud to be Israeli-American. And I am disgusted by the daily vicious attacks on Israel that we see on this site.

"I am saddened and amazed to see how the "left-wing blogosphere" falls completely for so much anti-Israel propaganda. I am stunned at how so many Kossacks daily argue that Israel is fundamentally evil, that Israel must abandon its defenses, and that Israel takes glee at the death of its enemies."

Israel supporters, first take a dramamine and a shot of arak, and then read it all, and leave some comments - there and here.


Red Tulips said...

I think the 500 or so comments on that thread really do say it all.

The commentator also provided links and documentation of the anti-Israel bias.

The real concern of mine is that DKos is hardly the most far left of the Democratic party. I increasingly do not trust the Democratic party with regards to the issue of Israel.

Jack's Shack said...

I am not surprised to see some of this. Disappointed, but not surprised.

westbankmama said...

Now way buddy. I value my sanity too much to read that site...

Dave said...


In the eternal words of St. Lou of the Sacred Leather Jacket, "valium woulda' helped that bash..."



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