Tuesday, June 20

Israeli VP Peres: 'Qassams shmassams' as Sderot goes dark and despairing residents leave (Video)

More and more Kassams are slamming down in Sderot, but Vice Premier Shimon Peres just doesn't "get it" about all the brouhaha: "This hysteria over the Qassams must end," he told journalists at the Knesset. "We're just adding to the hysteria. What happened? Kiryat Shmona was shelled for years. What, there weren't missiles?"

(Just a wee bit, oh, I dunno', insensitive there, Shimmy? Funny, but when I asked exactly that question of Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal at last week's press conference. "Has Sderot become the 'new' Kiryat Shmoneh?" He responded that there was no comparison, since the residents of Kiryat Shmoneh in the Galilee panhandle, one hill over from Lebanon were prepared for the attacks, with safety rooms, bomb shelters, national support, fast IDF reactions and that they had several minutes to prepare - not 10-15 seconds.)

"The vice premier also accused the management of the Israeli side: "Our response is causing the other side to strike. We must carry out a series of steps in order to take out the Qassams. Peres refused to detail which steps he meant."

Ahh, Shimmy, shimmy, ko ko, bop, really now... ya' got the Nobel, got the Peace Center, got the influence, hasn't the time come for the pipe, slippers, trusty dog (or Sonia - your call) at your side, and getting started on those memoirs?

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