Monday, June 26

Israeli army demolishes Gaza tunnel - almost (Video)

IDF armor units deploy near Gaza for possible incursion (Photos: AP)

From Ynetnews:

"Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, speaking in Jerusalem, said: "Yesterday I ordered army commanders to prepare our forces for a long and ongoing military operation in order to strike terror and its commanders. We will get to everyone wherever they are. There will be no immunity for anyone."

"National Security Council, has been appointed to head an investigation committee which will look into the attack and submit its conclusions to the defense minister and chief of staff.

"IDF forces blew up the tunnel used by terrorists to penetrate Israeli territory, but also found that the tunnel branched out – pointing to possible plans to carry out a more complex attack."

From Haaretz:

"Militants demand women, children in Israeli jails released in return for information on soldier"

From The Jerusalem Post:

"Exactly 30 years after the heroic rescue of Air France hostages from Entebbe by an airborne IDF force, Israel still suffers from a hostage complex. Ongoing warfare at varying levels, which has been Israel's norm for its entire modern history - including hostage-taking, soldiers missing-in-action and others held as prisoners-of-war - are all a tragic part of the normal scheme of things. Israel regularly captures hundreds of terrorists and other prisoners, and so, the IDF's superiority notwithstanding, it can't be illogical for things to also happen the other way around."

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