Saturday, June 10

IDF Fetish Toy: Sterling Silver Chess Set

Hey, you out there! You love Israel, right? Then dig this:

The IDF Chess Set Made From Sterling Silver

"A masterpiece unique artisan large 925 sterling silver (NOT silver plated) IDF (Israel Defense Force) chess set. Comprised of 32 highly detailed and outstanding IDF related pieces representing the various corps in the Israeli defense forces, 16 made of sterling silver (for the white pieces) and 16 made of gilded sterling silver (for the black pieces).

"The pawns are designed as soldiers, the rooks are shaped as missile boats, the knights are as mobile gun, the bishops are as patrol jeep, the kings are as combat pilot standing beneath his F-15 and the queens are as queen driving a Merkava tank (the tank is considered to be the queen of the battlefield)."

Did this ad nauseate you much as it did me?

So. Instead of pissing away – wait for it - $1650.00 smackers on ludicrously overpriced Israel fetish uber-schlock, go key-in some of that plastic-card green at the following sites instead, where it'll do real IDF troopers who are - even as I write this and you read it - placing themselves in harms way and grievious danger for Israel's sake, a hell of a lot more good:

The LIBI Israel Soldier's Fund
Friends of the Israel Defense Forces

Go there, and donate whatever you can afford - you know you want to - and the soldiers (and you) will be better off for it.

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