Thursday, June 29

IDF arrests over 60 senior Palestinian leaders overnight

IDF arrest operation in Ramallah (Photo: AP)

Ramallah: Israel targets Hamas leadership in arrests

"Has Israel decided (YNET) that like the Taliban & like Saddam's regime of brutality, that the Hamas Terrorist Government's day has come?"

From Ynetnews:

"Among those arrested during the operation, which began shortly after midnight in Ramallah, Nablus, Qalqilya, Jenin and Jerusalem, are Palestinian Deputy Prime Minister Nasser al-Shaer, Hamas government Labor Minister Muhammad Barghouti, Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Khaled Abu Arfa and many other top officials. Senior Hamas members Mahmoud Abu Tir and Mahmoud Atuan were apprehended in Jerusalem; most of the Palestinian Legislative Council members on Hamas’ behalf were also detained in various West Bank cities."

(Hat tip to The Hashmonean)

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yochanan said...

they should return them when the war is over in the same condition any captured Israeli are found.

In exactly the same condition.


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