Tuesday, June 20

Gov't press chief on Kassams: Any other country would protect their citizens as Israel does (Podcast)

Young Israeli residents of Sderot don cloth protest bracelets against Palestinian Kassam rocket strikes on their town. Sign in background: "We're not the nation's sitting ducks." (Dave Bender)

Hear Danny Seaman,
Director-General of the Israel Government Press Office, talking about the nonstop Kassam attacks into southern Israel from Gaza, asserts that any other country, "under such attack as the residents in Sderot are, would do everything - everything to prevent hostile firing at their homes, their children, their schools."

Seaman, speaking with
Israel At Level Ground, also charges the Palestinians with violating the Geneva Conventions in their Kassam and Katyusha missile barrages, due to their being fired from within civilian areas.

(Update on Sderot residents' strike at Ynet News)

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