Friday, June 23

Gaza mayor declares: 'Kassams are not meant to kill' (Update - Images)

Sderot residents killed in Kassam and mortar attacks from the Gaza Strip (all photos: Dave Bender)

From a Hashmonean post, headed, Don’t drink the bong water please..:

"From the diary of the absurd, proof positive the Arabs are never responsible for anything.

"This is what you get for pandering to them for the last 58 years. Their own divisions in the UN, historically the highest per capita aid of any people. The perpetual refugee victims of their own folly actually believe their own bull, it is astonishing.. I'm left wondering if this Hamas elected official is living on another planet?

"Enjoy this illuminating interview in JPOST with the Mayor of Beit Hannoun in Gaza, pls keep in mind the man has a PhD."

The Jerusalem Post's original report:

"But how do you want me to talk to the resistance when there is bombing from Sderot on Beit Hanun? It's not patriotic."

The mayor, a father of eight, insisted that the Palestinian "resistance" came from residents outside his town. "If any of them are from here then they cover their faces so that the residents don't know it and try to stop them."

In any case, he claimed, the Kassams were harmless. "These are very elementary rockets," he said. "They are not for killing. They are for rejecting the occupation."

Just a few reminders from Sderot.

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