Monday, June 26

'Editorial writers of America's leading newspapers: biased, silly or stupid?'

Barry Rubin at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center asks:"Are the editorial writers of America's leading newspapers biased, silly or stupid about the Arab-Israeli conflict? This week I'm leaning toward the theory that they are silly, by which I mean addicted to saying things that don't make sense.

"True, they are sometimes biased in the sense that both sides can be equally right; the Palestinians can be right, but Israel cannot be right. That doesn't always apply but often does, especially to the New York Times. They are also often stupid in the sense that they are simply ignorant about basic facts, facts which can often be gleaned from reading their own news columns.

Barry, I always liked that about reading and interviewing you one-on-one: simple, plain spoken and to the point, and so refreshingly un-"academic."

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