Monday, June 19

Closer to the maddening crowd: A shoutout to the blogosphere (Image)

Just noticed that I'd gone over the 1,000 visitors mark. Very, very nice, for a few short weeks work, all in all. Thanks to all of you out there who have taken to time to write, link, note, crosspost and, in general, wander around the place, kick the tires, and offer suggestions for futzing with the template and functions.

Just wondering, for those coming here from The Continent and points east, (a big welcome and, do mosey over to the bar, and try the canapes). What gives? France? Belgium? Spain? The UAE? Asia? Whassallthatabout?! Geez', am I flattered... Anyway, Bienvenue! mi casa es su casa, Ahlan wa'sahalan, marhaba!, (etc, fill in your local language or dialect) and all internationally recognized checks, money orders and travelers checks are most welcome, as are Paypal donations whenever I get around to pasting it into the template.

Ahem, I started this blog a few years ago, let it lie domant for a too-long period due to many life changes: jobs, raising triplets, waves of bloody terrorism, wars, train wrecks; I'm sure you all know the drill, right?

And now a shoutout to the crowd: So, ahh, what brings you here?
What kind of podcasts would you like to see more of?
More pics? Video? Local breaking news? Personal "slice of life" stories?


And, not to totally waste bandwidth on my personal yammering, there's great pictoral coverage of the Talk, Walk and Rock with Israel rally over at Solomonia. What about closer to home, you say? Sigh.

Why not go meditate on this, instead (I shot it the evening before a humongeous storm hammered the Netanya shoreline).


Andreas said...


I am from Germany and I read your blog now for about one week. I came across, because I want to read about things going on in Israel from people living there, not only about that, what mainstream media reports to us.

So because I haven't read and listened to everything you are offering, I am not making any suggestions. Now ;-).

Greetings & looking forward to visiting your country again,

Dave said...

Thanks Andreas.

Keep reading, viewing and listening and keep in touch.



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