Tuesday, June 27

BBC: Hamas does... and does not recognize Israel

Same time screen captures of BBC.co.uk pages

"If one goes to the BBC News page, they have two different settings: a "UK version" and an "International version." And each version has slightly different content, even at the same time.

When checking out the two different versions a few minutes ago, I found two different headlines -- saying the EXACT OPPOSITE thing! About Hamas recognizing Israel! So I kept two windows open, each with the contradicting headline, and overlapped them, them took a screenshot getting both simultaneously. Here it is:

BBC: Hamas does and does not recognize Israel.

So, for the UK version, it says "Hamas 'implicitly accepts Israel." And the International version says "No recognition of Israel - Hamas."

Both these pages were online at the same moment! Unfortunately, BBC has already changed the pages, but at least I got a screenshot of the crazy contradiction!

Go figure...

(Hat tip to Zombietime)

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the times which it had last been updated were different, and the international version had been updated later than the local one. They had changed because they found out they had reported wrongly.


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