Thursday, June 15

At Level Ground Podcasts now at 'Odeo'

Just finishing porting the first podcasts over to Odeo from Tripod (which will likely remain an archive). Go take a listen, if you haven't heard them yet. There are also pictures and video of the podcast content: scroll further down. Drop me a line with feedback about how they sound, content.

New audio gets posted on the top right side of the page, just under the email list sign-ups. So, sign-up and listen. In the immortal words of the legendary Gashash Hachiver
comedy trio: "Amru li lis-ten! Oz lisanu... (they told me - transliterated - lis-ten. So I lis-tened...).

Just came across this
Jewish Arts and Culture blog. Looks interesting, but they seem to have a slow server (or I'm just up waaay too late), so I can't get to most pages. Go take a look. Come back here, and we can discuss it among ourselves.

Any other really - but really good blogs/pocasts/vlogs you know about? Let me know.

Oh, wait!
Here's one now:

"(2006-06-07) — In what may be a major
breakthrough in stalled talks over Iran’s uranium enrichment program, the United States has reportedly offered to give long-range nuclear weapons to the Islamic Republic in exchange for assurances that it will soon stop production of nuclear material."

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