Saturday, November 6

Wireless Jerusalem: Where reaching out to God is a local call

Covered two events in downtown Jerusalem; both at central Zion Square, and at the top of City Hall last Monday, November 1. First, a politically sedate, but religiously and emotionally riveting prayer rally pleading for God to intercede in foiling the Gaza Disengagement Plan brought some 30,000 into the streets for fervent prayer, Psalm-reading and, later, dance.

Meanwhile, three blocks away at City Hall, Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupoliansky and a bevy of high-tech and investment leaders, dignitaries and and city officials were holding a press conference announcing "Unwired Jerusalem," offering free Wi-Fi Internet connectivity throughout the city center - for the first year, at least - in an effort aimed at putting Jerusalem's hi-tech community squarely on the world's Internet connection map, sweeping consumers out of an economic recession to upgrade to Wi-Fi-equipped computers, and a dose of good ole' local Chamber of Commerce-style boosterism. If only my Sony Vaio laptop's battery held out long enough to make it all worthwhile...

While the press, um, pressed around the hotshots for close-ups, I spied a chance to get pictures of a lovely autumn sunset in Jerusalem - from a God's-eye view. Here - at least for the first year - reaching out and talking with God is now only a local Wi-Fi Internet call away.

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