Tuesday, November 16

And the blogroll keeps marching along...

Mucho toda to "Celestial Blue" for adding yours truly to her blogroll. Now, I have a lot more to live up to, since she's a damn sight better and more proactive photoblogger than I am, not to mention having leaves and a Canadian autumn that lasts more that two weeks...

Drove through what is a great approximation of the dark side of the moon, straight through to the morning star yesterday evening to pick up a donated TV. More about that later today.

In the meantime: "We drove along the Jerusalem-Dead Sea Road until we came to Alon Road. And that is when I realized we were really off the beaten track. Except for the well-paved road, there's nothing man-made for miles, just mounds of sensuously curved sand in pinks and beiges, a landscape like none I'd ever seen before."

One of my daughters broke her leg at school yesterday - chasing a boy to slap him, apparently - and I will be with both her, and my older daughter Inbal Chaya, at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital writing up the rest... what a way to blog.


celestial blue said...

Bevakasha! I am glad we stumbled upon each other's blogs, and we seem to have a mutual admiration going. I look forward to more insights into israeli life...especially your own. *wink*

The Blah Brain said...

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