Tuesday, July 13

PA 'confused after ICJ victory'

"The Palestinian leadership still hasn’t made a final decision on how to pursue the fence case, but the impression in Ramallah is that there is a lot of confusion among the top brass of the Palestinian Authority,' writes colleague Khaled Abu Toameh in an update this morning on Access Middle East.

Despite a flurry of elated sound-bites, handed 'round to the media in the wake of the decision, "as soon as it became clear that the US was planning to veto the Palestinian case before the UN, Arafat has apparently decided to hold off pushing for a UN hearing until after the presidential elections in the US in November."

So, Israel's security barrier supporters still have room for optimism. Maybe more than "India, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey - [who] voted to refer the Israeli security fence to the International Court of Justice for an advisory opinion, even though they had themselves built barriers in areas contested by their neighbors," David Makovsky and Ben Thein of the Washington Institute write.

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